Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh Saturday, You Had Me At Hello

Another Saturday out, and this Saturday was more epic than the last. A meet-up with Kent with the first ride on the Moots from Henrietta Louise Park to Cambodia where very little paved trails were had. The ride started with a river crossing and a return to the South side of the river shortly after all thanks to Dawson's majestic river crossing.

Once we returned to the Southside the singletrack was carved up like an overweight travelling business man carving up his Ribeye in the downstairs hotel pub. I'm sorry kids, my trail name vocabulary isn't all that it's cracked up to be as I stay far far away from organized group rides. The thought of fifteen other fine folks sharing a ride with me sends shivers down my spine. Cause you know, I'm an angry loner who spends his time sitting in the basement carving the names of people who wronged me in my life into my chest with a steak knife. Other than that, I'm a pretty normal guy. Lots of trails were had today but shall remain nameless... I say I don't know trail names, I did however mention "Rolling Below Rowland" over ten times on today's river valley journey. Cause, that's a name I do know and I want to feel accepted.

Other than riding in granny gear almost the whole time whilst Kent conquered far up ahead, the ride was incredible despite my extreme lack of fitness and I had an out of body experience as we were exiting Cambodia. The incredible singletrack was too much for my poor little brain to handle and the epic awesomeness of the moment was overwhelming.

Riding bikes in the woods can sure do that to me..

signage just for me to get to know the trail names
an off the trail potty break

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