Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wet, Dry, but More Wet

My bike senses told me to pack last night and go after work today and they were right. Despite the shitty conditions tonight with rain shower after rain shower (and no rain gear packed) was incredibly good when I was on the proper bike lanes and trails of course. I left the valley for some midtown riding and was a bit taken back at how shitty Edmonton can be to ride a bike. I do understand the annoying culture here and with the heavy, harsh, long Winters know it is a vehicle dominated city. Hence I will not bitch too much, but still...

So back to the valley I went where the energy I had was incredible. In fact so good I stopped myself and gave myself a test midway to test for performance enhancing drugs. Out of the saddle mid ring power climbs were had with power to spare at the top where I dropped the hammer and sailed away like I stole the very bike I was riding. No, I am not bragging as I do know if "Mr Power Legs" aka "Jason" was with me I would have been dropped like a bad record. Having the power I had tonight and seeing my fitness level improve made me happy. Here is hoping that doesn't get sapped when it starts getting muggy outside, which is coming very soon.

Mosquitoes are a serious problem in the trees now so if you head out keep that in mind. A potty break and than a photo op later had me cussing loudly like a drunk welder at the Nisku strip club.  I never ventured on the singletrack as all the rain kept me on the multi use and paved trails but could only imagine they are quite snotty right now so use your wits and don't ride them if you dig into them. That's bad karma boys and girls.

mill creek getting it's creep on, entrails from this were followed for a hundred yards

a new discovery, my grips are pooched!

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