Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I will never forget years and years ago Bike magazine brought out their "Jamaica"  Issue and I was blown away naively thinking "people ride mountain bikes in those other countries!?" Yes, take me out back behind the woodshed and beat me with a sliver filled board. I was young and a classic spoiled 90's kid. Yet we had no iPhones or Miley so I truly am afraid of this coming generation.

I learned my lesson well after a visit to an unwell known central American country and saw how life was like for real people. I was almost fired from my produce job a week after returning when someone tried returning grapes that had just expired.

Anyways, Jamaica looks like it kicks ass, and Bike magazine instilled that desire to visit. The boys from the BC Bike Race instilled those old desires with this..

BC Bike Race visits Jamaica from Connor Macleod on Vimeo.

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