Monday, August 18, 2014

All I Wanted Was Some Poutine

Back on the hardtail and I cannot believe the difference between the two main bikes. I should start switching bikes between rides because I feel so awkward whenever I spend lots of time on one and than ride the other. I do see where all the advancements go when on the Altitude I almost feel invincible as that high up cockpit, wide bars and incredible suspension (when not locked out of course) come into play. I feared a lot of the roots and technical trails tonight as I just didn't feel comfortable on the old classic 26" hard tail design. I did rule the roost in the end and rode everything so all hope was not lost.

The ride was planned to be a short one from Mill Creek to West Coast Trail and than back on Old Timers but I just felt I needed to keep going, I crossed the Low Level Bridge and ended back on Cloverdale bridge where I stopped and contemplated life and wondered why I wasn't making the ride longer. I also wondered what was for dinner and silently prayed for poutine. I crossed back to the north end and ended up in Riverdale where I turned around confused and wondering what to do. Yes poutine does have control of my life. It's real bad. The ride was over at that point as I had nothing in the gas tank. Paved bullshit took me home to a house that had a housewife without the foresight to make me or buy me poutine. yes, since the ride I have been at home in my den pouting furiously.

what you don't hear is me talking to myself, excited at the prospect of having poutine when i got home

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