Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dropper Post Blues. The Second Edition

It looks as though I will be taking my dropper post to the nearest raging fire bin and throwing it in there while laughing like a maniac. The post will not go down now, not as annoying of a problem of having it drop on me like it did earlier this year but for what this thing is worth it should not be giving me any grief whatsoever.

That was a definite lowlight on an incredibly great ride this late morning running into the afternoon. The ride was forcefully started in the Muttart parking lot as there were no spots anywhere else all thanks to the Dragon Boat Festival. I stayed on the South side hitting all the singletrack I could leading me to Hawerlak Park. A fun encounter with a guy on a engine powered bicycle which wouldn't make it up a long steep hill near Kinseman where the chump got off and was walking his piece of shit in what I would say a walk of shame. I passed him climbing on my real bike looked at him and said "really?" than shook my head feeling like the coolest guy in the world. Looking back on it, I probably looked like a giant tool but at least at the time I felt like the Fonz. Just in case you were wondering about my stance on motored assisted bikes. I hate them with an unreeling passion. If you have one and ride it you are no longer allowed to read this here blog. Please exit the room now.

Lets wait a few moments and wait for these sad sorry individuals who call themselves cyclists to get out of the auditorium please...

Are they gone? Good. Let's continue shall we...

The ride got delicious when a certain river was crossed at Hawerlak and I climbed out towards Mackinnon ravine. I made sure my suspension was set properly and enjoyed some rooty goodness to no end. The final evil but awesome steep drops are where I realized my seat post was fucked yet again. Noting to myself that is just stuck in the up position it can't be that bad, unless it starts dropping on me. I rode up to Groat Road Rollercoaster and hit Victoria's Secret for the second time and it wasn't as great as the first run through with Jason. Like I said in that ride report new trails are like new girlfriends. Our second date was a bit awkward but still rewarding.

In the end, no puddles and exceptional trail conditions ruled the day, if this Summer gets any better I might not get that perma-smile off my face until next spring.

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unicorn socks because its saturday, and saturday's are awesome
you can see the path of bikes through the fallen leaves, pretty great

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