Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saturday Morning on a Wednesday Night

Seeing as it's 9:55 and I am posting this on a work night and me being a guy of such routine it felt a little out of place to ride like this on a Wednesday night. I joined them after the invite wondering deep down what would happen this evening knowing all the while it will most likely be epic. I was after all riding with Gord, and Jason.

Starting at Old Timers Cabin again (I really love starting rides there) several new trails were introduced to me tonight as these guys know the valley well like a 16 year old male knows the best porn sites to look up on this here internet thing. Passion gives people a knack for this sort of thing. These two guys often lead the Hardcore group rides which excels the trail knowledge by a staggering amount.

gord hits wall #1

Incredible things happen on longer rides. Gord had a head on collision on a trail close to the Edmonton Queen (I'm sure you all know the one I'm talking about. Both parties were ok, but Gord had a dramatic fall down the bank and was caught in the bush close to the river. The wipeout was probably one of the greatest bike wipeouts I have ever witnessed and I wonder now why I didn't pull out my camera and take a pic of his legs in the air.. Oh, yes, because I'm not a giant douchebag. I helped get the bikes untangled and get him out. It would have made for a great picture though. Just saying...

As you can see the ride was done all on the south side, a meet up with an older guy who they knew knocked my small bike ego down several more notches. This guy (whose name escapes me sadly) had big biking balls and could climb like an empty Boeing 737. It was awesome to see and made me think about joining group rides, quickly... a passing thought, and soon that desire faded away.

More of these rides will be had in the future after a discussion on Friday nights being a prime candidate (sorry Beer Friday). The fitness level has improved although a bonk did happen and I did sneak into the woods to have a good cry when they weren't looking.

jason hits wall #1 soon after, it's steep, had to slide down after photoshoot
near cambodia, bonked and ready for bed, we had lots of ground to cover

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