Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tour of Alberta Ride

Although this one was more about spectating than riding the ride was still awesome. It started at Old Timers and I hit some singletrack in Mill Creek and rode lower Ewok on wet rocks and roots that had my ass puckering quite substantially at times. The wet foliage was a rather big annoyance as I was soaked knowing I would be heading up into town to watch these supermen ride their road bikes through wet Edmonton streets.

I will be completely honest here. I do not know one name of any of the riders in this race and for that I am truly ashamed. Especially being one who writes on a blog. Last year was a bit easier as we had Cadel Evans, Peter Sagan, and Ryder Hesjedal here. This year they were all on other tours leaving me clueless to all riding. for that my faithful readers, I am truly sorry.

With that being out of the way it was great being on a bike and watching this race. I covered so much ground and saw the ride from so many different spots in the city. If you go next year (YOU BETTER!) go on a bike. You will cover so much ground and see the tour in various spots in the city. I  rode the course the opposing way which helped bring them around to me fast.

At the legislature the peloton passed by when a furious commotion was had around the corner. I quickly hopped on my bike and saw a rider down in obvious severe pain.  A few people stood by and one girl who was a nurse ran in to try to help. It was odd because there was no medical staff there to help the guy.  Eventually one of the tour cars kicked out a couple riders and took the injured rider for medical help. Talking to people in the area, I was informed that all the medical staff was in the front of all the riders which makes absolute no sense. Seriously? If that is true then don't we think the Tour of Alberta organizers can maybe curb the problem by putting the medical staff in the back? You know, behind the riders...?

That was my only black eye on this great tour which I hope becomes a staple in this awesome little province of ours. Lets just keep the medical staff behind the riders where they belong shall we...

confused spectators and nobody to help
back to old timers and so ends a spectacular bike infused weekend

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