Monday, September 1, 2014

Working a Hardtail on Labor Day

Have I mentioned that mountain biking is awesome lately? I may seem annoying as it is something I say on here a little bit too much but it just is. I have spent hours in the gym when I was younger, I have jogged, and even ridden a racing quad (which can surprisingly be a workout). I have had those magical endorphins make me feel all good on all those activities but nothing can compare to mountain biking. Endorphins combined with the feeling of being on a bike in the trees is a feeling I wish I could capture and sell in a pill. I'm sure I would become an overnight billionaire if I could figure out how to manufacture that high.

I downloaded Strava onto my iPhone and today was the first test ride. Pulling the phone out of the top of my camelback mid ride and seeing it say "lost gps contact" was a bit of a bummer. It recommended keeping the phone out mounted to my bar which is something that will never happen. I find it odd to lose contact when I use Google maps in the confines of my Jeep with no problems where a thin layer of camelback loses the signal. In the end the ride was tracked and you can see below.

I am however a complete newbie to Strava as Garmin Connect was where I lived in GPS land. The segments are strange, yet intriguing. I can see how guys get caught up in them to have the fastest time becoming local Strava legends of some sort..

The ride started in Capilano and all the singletrack was devoured with a ubiquitous orb of passion. Every climb, every descent the passion was there strongly (see first paragraph). Victorias Secret was ridden again East to West and I am proud to say we are now full on dating. If only she would drop the homeless people I could love her more, but thats just my selfish uncaring self coming out. My new girl has a heart. She cares.

Groat Road Rollercoaster was the tipping point where I knew it was time to turn around and I rode the boring river valley road (but even that was awesome) towards the Jeep. I hit the tight trees close to the crazy fence lady and came across a young couple with a blanket laid down on the trail still clothed but ready to partake in some river valley loving. Yes, it was awkward for them.

I had intended on finishing the ride off through Cambodia but the climb up to Capilano park pedestrian bridge off of the multi use told me that my legs were beyond done. Oh well, each ride I am feeling better. Soon the rides will start getting more and more epic and I will annoy you even more of telling you how awesome riding bikes really is, but you already know that right..

decisions, decisions, the left side called me in with some serious climbs
a terrible running drive train and a quick inspection ensued, it appears i have been twigged

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