Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thanks Kent

Tonight at the dog park we were walking around as our three dogs frantically chased one another and any dog that would entertain the thought of an ass sniff and then a short rumble through the somewhat dried Fall grass.

A text message came through with the above picture from my good buddy Kent.

I was instantly inspired to get out for a ride. My scaphoid bone is preventing that from happening, yet standing in the dog park while holding my arm out of the way and keeping the smell of the cast away from my nostrils the temptation to say 'fuck it' and head out was overwhelming. The little common sense in me won the fight and I didn't ride. I am now typing away and choking on my cast smell but my spirits are lifted by this picture.

This picture is awesome, looking at it I can smell the leaves on the ground, I can hear my tires rolling over those same leaves as I speed through a tight Edmonton river valley trail rolling over roots and conquering the quick power climbs. I can see the trail light up as I roll through at night rolling through those cold spots whenever the trail dips down into a sunken cold crevice only to quickly pop back up and away from the chilled air. I can even hear the sounds of the valley, for the Edmonton valley it would be the distant humm of traffic mixed in with the odd siren. Some nights if you are lucky it will be quiet and you will hear coyotes howling making your ride experience all that more awesome. Your hair will stand up on your arms when you hear one close by. All that mixed with a cool tinge to the air which is what makes this time of year incredible.

Fall. You truly are my favourite. Let's get out and do something together shall we?

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