Friday, November 14, 2014

Beer Friday. Fosters Lager

G'day mates.... Cripes, I am such a predictable troll. I review Australian beer and my opening line is that. Shall I end it with 'Gonna put another shrimp on the barbie?' because that is the epitome of all Australian phrases. Australia looks like a pretty swell place to visit, I have been captivated by it's awesomeness since I grew a brain and stopped caring about Super Mario. Ironically enough the same time I discovered riding mountain bikes.

Fosters was started by two Irish brothers in Melbourne in Eighteen-Eighty-Eight. No I am not inserting an Irish drinking joke as that too, is also quite predictable. Contrary to what most people think Fosters is not as popular in Australia which makes me rethink my whole Australian stereotype. Didn't Crocodile Dundee drink this in that movie..? What was that movie called? Ugh.. That right there and my visits to Outback Steakhouse were my Australian culture. Yep, pretty sad.

This can is huge and the beer review team (back to full strength) was in awe of the mighty power this one had in it's grandeur appearance. 'What brave soul will open it?' Our newest intern Rebecca exclaimed. 'Step aside everybody' I yelled whilst rolling up my beer review long shirt sleeves and grabbed the can with my hairy protruded chest heaving through the top of my shirt. I cracked it open as my cold stare at the interns penetrated their hearts. Yes, the beer review intern ladies are all in love with me but sadly for them, I am taken by a fine lady. A huge three and a half fingered head made it's presence and I shed a tear full of pride.

I was smitten with poor judgement on this one as it fills in the line of common average beers like the Budweiser's, and Molson's of the world. But the first sip was a bit of an eye opener. It was not skunky, nor watery... It was quite good. That was the first sip and as more was consumed the watered down common big beer taste made it's appearance just like the badly played villain in a dumb movie. This was an all too common beer, albeit better than Budweiser and all the rest. There is more of a hop and malt fight in this which makes me a bit more smug rather than drinking a crappy Budweiser. Now if you will excuse me, I have to put another shrimp on the barbie.... Anyone? Hello... Funny?

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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