Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Ride of 2014?

It most likely is the last ride of 2014. So a meet up with Jason in Mill Creek where we found some great trail conditions all the way to Gold Bar Park where we stayed in the chalet and watched the cross country skiers. A sport that I have 100% no interest in. Mind you, I was putting down fat bikes not too long ago and look at me now... Don't be surprised if this blog becomes "the lone skier" one day.

As I said the trail conditions were prime. It started in MIll Creek where the upper singletrack was tackled with little to no ice. Jason with his unspiked rear wheel slipped a bit but all was fine. I still am quite smitten that I can ride all this Summer singletrack in the Winter. The trails are good enough for any bike right now, I really don't want to be one of those fat bike fanboys. Coming back we came across a guy on a cross bike who had ridden all the trails we were on, although I am thinking we had a lot more confidence in our bikes.

The poverty shoes are gone and I now own a pair of what I dubbed "unemployed so buy expensive Winter bike shoes, cause that's what you need right now dick face." I think "poverty shoes" rolled off the tongue alot easier. I purchased through Hardcore bike Gift cards 45 North Fasterkatt shoes. Dubbed for use in the transition season. They are rated for cold but not super cold. A big mistake perhaps? Thoughts are I never had cold foot problems in the Winter and if I do, I will simply buy bike booties! Genius, absolute genipus... (I was patting myself on the back right there so I misspelled the second genius, don't judge.)

The ride which I never felt too great on in the end was really quite incredible. Soft legs like Sunday's 'Rusty Legs' post were bugging me for a good chunk of the ride but I pressed on fearing Jason beating me with the back his helmet till I could no longer breath kept me going.

Driving home and now sitting in this chair typing away I developed a perma-grin which was all related to today's ride. It was incredible and now I'm thinking of tomorrow?

jason conquering a winter hill most mortal weekend warrior men would run from
onward ho through the trees and on to see some more shithead dogs with complete shithead owners
the bikes posing and looking good

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