Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This mid morning ride was a must. The perfect anti stress antidote is riding mountain bikes and doing so on a fat bike in mid December is pretty great.

The ride from Henrietta Louise to Capilano was a stress busting affair, sadly capped off with a bonk in the middle of Andre's trail where my legs and body gave up and did not want to go on. That is too bad because the trails are in good condition (not great) if you have studs. large sections of ice have formed making things a tad dicy. A good reason why the warm weather is terrible. If you are one of those who praise how awesome the warm weather is, please stop what you are doing and proceed to the closest bathroom and stick your head in the nearest toilet and flush repeatedly.

It was a rather uneventful ride. Being on all the Summer singletrack in the middle of December was quite cool. Scratch a big win for the fat bike, although I'm thinking you might be able to ride on a regular bike (studded of course) with the trails being so packed down. That being said the ice is pretty bad so be careful out there boys and girls.

shelter but no need for it, a potty break shot maybe? nahh...
looking back on where i have been, oddly symbolic?

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