Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Bike Didn't Stay at Work Tonight

And it didn't go home, the plan wasn't to ride tonight but between the stress of work and staring at it as much as I could all day I caved and off I went.

The highlight of the night was getting chased by some dumbass persons two dogs, they were unrelentless. I did not stop and kept riding further and further away much to the dismay of the cries of the owner who deserves the fear of his dogs running away. If you bring your dogs down to the river valley and they chase people, you deserve what happens. It really was absurd how long the chased me. Finally I put the afterburners on and pulled away.

As a dog owner knowing my dogs are dumb enough to chase people if they were off leash. I don't bring them to those areas. Common sense and pet ownership should go hand in hand, but it doesn't.

The bulk of the ride was spent on multi use and paved from Mill Creek to the Low Level to Dawson Bridge. The fat bike proved it's worth on the return home through Mill Creek ravine as I hit the singletrack heading towards the pool and rode all the good stuff up to and past the pool all with a shit eating grin.

It was awesome. I would be very hard pressed to ride this stuff on my old Winter bike. The way the bike conquers the trails was incredible. I want to do this again soon! How about tomorrow?

darkness and snowy mill creek singletrack, yes please.

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