Saturday, March 7, 2015

Never Say Never

I could possibly be the biggest proponent into the saying "Never say never." It would seem my whole life I have said 'I'm never going to *insert what I end up doing in the future here.*

Some examples below:

* "I'll never stay in Edmonton when I'm older!" I love Edmonton beyond words now and don't ever want to leave.

* " Texting and cell phones are so stupid, never getting one.." I'm now, and have been for years addicted to my phone.

* "Welding looks like such a shitty career, I'll never do that!" Ahem... Twenty years.

* "Full suspension bikes are for posers, will never ride one." The next Summer I bought a Mongoose, Amplifier.

* "Fat bikes, don't get me started. Will never own one cause I don't hang out at MEC on Saturday mornings drinking Starbucks." If you read this blog, you may now know I ride and love fat bikes.

And the latest...

* "I will never work up North and live in a camp, will never get that desperate." Oddly don't feel desperate, I'm more excited than anything with a touch of anxiety at the big life change. Going into this as opposed to my last career change is much better and with hardly the anxiety I had as I know what I'm getting in to.

Yes, this is happening. I leave tomorrow afternoon.

This is an obvious great opportunity in a very badly slumping market. I hear of hundreds of layoffs everyday. I am going back to my welding roots and getting away from management which truth be told, was wearing me down quite heavily in the last seven months of employment. The layoff a week before Christmas was a relief, not a stressful experience. That tells you something right there.

I am going right into the controversial oil sands working out of Kearl Lake, Alberta. A far drive away from my ever so beloved river valley. As one who proudly sits on the fence in between the right wing and left wing propaganda. Both sides have real valid points but eventually go too far. I personally have no problem going to work in this area of the world. Some people whom I don't know who follow this blog, I would imagine are on the left wing side of things and are probably flushing the computer that gives you this blog down the toilet. That's cool, I'm fine with that, remember I am doing this for my family. But please come back, we at Lonebiker central will miss you.

This is a move for my family, the bikes come second down the pole in surprisingly to some a very large gap between them and the family.

What does this mean for Sadly the rides and activity will slow down dramatically as to where they have been so high these last few months. I am on a two week on, one week off rotation. The two weeks on will have the odd post, maybe a beer review done on day's off just saved for working days. The week off will feature lots of riding but not enough as my family is still quite high up on the list of awesome things to be around. 

Sorry for the change kids, if only I could do this blog full time and travel the world. Maybe once I'm rich off Blogger advertising money. Oh wait, I'm not selling out man! Shit...

Take care of my river valley while I'm gone. See you in a few days with some music and riding videos. 

my home for the next 14 days, life is nutty

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