Friday, April 10, 2015

Beer Friday. Coors, Altitude

What's this? A beer named after one of my bikes you say? How could this beer not be awesome? Mind you, it is Coors which does raise my suspicion on the possibility that it might suck. Mind you Molson's did blow my mind several years ago with their Molson M. If I remember correctly it might be the only beer on here to get the elite 5 suds out of 5 rating. A feat that hundreds of beers could not achieve. This looks like Coors answer to their fight against all the craft beer makers out there. How does one of the worlds largest breweries fare when competing with craft beer awesomeness?

We poured this into our trappist glass meaning we have high hopes for this one. I mean come on. How could the fine folks at Coors ruin something with so much potential. At 6.4% my main worry was tasting the high alcohol which would anger me forcing me to throw my empty beer bottles at the interns.

The pour was a bit of a surprise as I was expecting a dark angry beer. Blame the packaging which I'm sure threw everybody off. Instead of dark, angry, and awesome it looked just like ordinary Coors beer. "Start warming up the old bottles for some intern chucking" I quickly thought. A small one fingernail head did not hang around for any length of time. The smell was eerily similar to Coors, and Budweiser. In a word. Corn Chips.

The first sip was nothing special. I wondered if they just put Coors into another bottle and give it a different name. This is like drinking regular big name beer at craft beer prices. What a rip off. There is really nothing special about this beer whatsoever. The only highlight is you can't taste the high alcohol content but I am pretty sure they just packaged regular Coors.

If you see this, save your money and get a real craft beer. Let the bottle chucking begin..

This beer gets 0.5 suds out of 5

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