Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Morning Cambodia Cruising

After a day off the return to the valley was unreal. The Rocky Mountain was the bike of choice and from right out of the gate it lurched ahead like a maniac with each pedal stroke. The ride started at Henrietta Louise Park on Bird House trail where I stayed on the South side all the way to the Science Park.

Cadyshack trail was ridden and I was a bit nervous before hitting it up. My memories all fall back to Winter where I had some rather rough experiences. I would like to say I wasn't all that apprehensive about riding Caddyshack although I sat at the trail head for twenty minutes smoking butts as urine dribbled down my leg. Some dog walkers gave me a weird look as they passed by but I didn't care.

This trail will fuck your shit up.

Or so I thought.

It would seem the difference between a fat bike in the Winter and a nice nimble Summer bike in nice Spring trail conditions is quite vast to say the least. The bike handled the trail like a champ and before I knew it I was entering Andre's trail unscathed with a shit eating grin.

Cambodia is still awesome despite the shitty ladder crossings, the trail system there seems to be getting busier every year as I passed by a total of fifteen riders on my route in and route out. The Science park was still the Science Park and I didn't hang around too long.

The ride ended on the North side of the river after crossing the Capilano bridge through Kinniard and Dawson.

onward towards edmonton's finest
another bag of dicks for these people please

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