Thursday, June 25, 2015

High Summer Cruising

Another good day on the bike, this time with some fine company. Jason joined me for a jaunt from Mill Creek to the Science Park on a complete boycott of the North side of the river valley.

This ride had hot weather, plenty of green worms, and endless miles of incredible singletrack. The trails are dusty and dry making things a tad crappy when tailing. Mind you, being in front and taking down all the worms on Bird House Trail was pretty crappy. You know, crappy like being stuck in an office all day or inside a sweaty shop. Hellz ya, green worms! I'll take you any day of the week.

The dust was out today today, things are quite dry and it is showing. It gave me slight reminders of the days I decided to be a complete retard and give up bikes in favor of racing quads. Following people in complete dust blackouts was what ended my short lived career quickly. That and a litany of other reasons which I'm sure you could all figure out.

Mid Mill Creek was the start point. We turned around on the East side of the Science Park. The riding in the Science Park was it's usual self. Choppy, awkward, and not good for the flow. Coming off the trails we were on before, the Science Park was an utter disappointment.

After a break at the Cross Country Ski Lodge in Gold Bar we were done. The heat, and humidity had taken it's toll. I told Jason we can wimp out and limp home. His reaction "Nope, we will ride the trails back" I would like to say he added in "you little bitch" but didn't. Nevertheless, his reaction was awesome.

We rode the trails back and it made the day all the more epic.

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