Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ride One, Day Six

I have been back for six days and missed a few days of riding. That shit isn't cool. So I am doing doubleheader duty to make up for lost time.

This morning's ride from Mill Creek to Capilano bridge was a once classic after work riding route. The only difference was Andy's trail, and Caddyshack didn't exist at the time and I would take the riverside golf course trail and get all gooey eyed when entering Ewok Forest.

I was surprised at how busy the trails were today. Not one mountain biker was spotted, just dog walkers, and runners. Not one whiff of pot smoke was had today as well. That was a strange river valley moment.

Today I rode the North side first, crossed and things got all euphoric when I rode through Rolling Below Rowland. The valley showed it's magic and it seemed that everything was fine with the universe. A moment that could not be replicated on a couch.

i really dislike shitty people

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