Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let's Make This One Count

 Ladies and Gentlemen and other fine readers of the It is official. Every section from the gooch to the furthermost Northern reaches of the tuckus is officially finished. I am done.

Saddle sore problems have been bugging me since we took that trip to Jasper a couple of weeks back. Rides have been cancelled due to the condition including yesterday. That my friends is unacceptable.

With things going to slow down for riding next week as family holidays are going to take  over it will be a give me a great chance to heal up.

Enough about my ass already.

Three paragraphs... really?

Today was ridiculously awesome.

A meet up with Gord in mid Mill Creek for a ride through what we thought would be wet and slimy trails, which turned out a tad snotty at first but as the ride progressed they were tacky and perfect.

The ride wasn't all that perfect as the same affliction I have been experiencing the last week with a complete loss of energy early on came again today. I felt it at it's worst on Gnome trail early on in the ride.

We discussed it and decided to press on no matter what.

A decision that I didn't regret.

The ride slowly grew to awesome on Six Shooter. Still the energy levels were low but the ride got significantly better. We made it to my favourite silver balls, crossed the great river and headed back through Laurier where we rode by the bitch of the year. A silver haired lady clutching a coffee who refused to move out of the way despite our what seemed like vain attempts to get her attention. No bell would move her. An air horn maybe? Hmmm... Gord passed finally and I'm pretty sure she looked through his soul as he passed by. It was almost evil the way she glared at him.

We laughed the situation off and my poor energy condition was getting very bad. Thoughts of bonking were racing through my mind. Things I like about guys like Gord is him telling me what I need is to push it hard on the difficult climb out of Laurier under the eyes of Daryl Katz's armed guards. No matter how shitty you feel. Suck it up and climb like a man you little bitch.

I made it to the top, albeit slowly but pushing it and felt like a new man on top.

Gord. Thank you sir for the inspiration.

We rode back through Mackinnon where we saw the ghost of Jerry Garcia. Not once, but twice!

We made it back to Mill Creek in a very busy river valley. Almost annoyingly busy.

Yet, it was still awesome.

Laurier East from sherijumper on Vimeo.

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