Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just Like Homecoming

Why do I seem to always go on these bike riding cold streaks? Yes I had lots of work issues which will affect next week but still...

The good part of missing lots of saddle time is when you get back to it, it is always enchanting. Which was the case tonight as I rode into the dark with no lights which was completely my choice. The late start to the ride was all thanks to being on a night shift and not getting home till 5 in the morning.

The trails delivered the awesome from Henrietta Louise Edwards Park. I crossed the river where it sounded like some crazy person preaching on a very loud microphone. Goofy looking white hipster kids were migrating towards the voice which made me all the more curious. As I rode up to the Louise Mckinney Park the voice introduced a band and loud reggae music started blaring. There were cute black girls dancing in the middle of the trails and I suddenly got confused as to the coming of all the hipster kids. Hipsters and reggae never made sense to me as a strong connection, I quickly realized that is why they were going. Cause nobody was expecting them to. Ahhh hipsters... You so crazy.

The ride was one that will go down as memorable. Riding through Mackinnon in the dark was a tad sketchy but I made it unscathed and rode the pavement home. One of the top rides of Two-Fifteen perhaps? The leaves changing and the cool weather that translated to rain mixed with dreamlike views of the river and accompanying scenery made for a pretty awesome Saturday night.

edmonton's finest set of balls right here
cruising home in the dark while the rain attacked
six shooter slapping me in the face for not riding lately
exploring upper hawerlak lookking for downhills before settling on bowie and was rewarded immensely 

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