Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving the Greasy

 A ride from the Edmonton Queen to the onset of the trails taking you to the glorious shiny balls that grace our river valley.

Why did I not partake in the awesome that is the shiny balls on a Thanksgiving Monday you ask!? Because it's just that. Thanksgiving Monday and this here bike blogger/ ladies man has shit to go to.

The ride featured singletrack which was at times, beyond greasy. Several downhill sections were slidden down with the brakes locked and front tire turned which resulted in a slow paced crash which must have looked incredibly awkward.

The peak of bad trails pushed me out of Mackinnon ravine where another greasy slow speed crash made me want out,  go to church, and spend my thanksgiving there.

Today's travels were quite splendid, despite the sliding it was a true Fall riding spectacle. Golden yellow leaves carpet bombed throughout the trail made the ride all the better.

With another long shift of work starting tomorrow, we shall see if I can follow through on my plan to keep riding.
soon the fatties will be out, till then enjoy the incredible fall riding
slipping and sliding while climbing six shooter

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