Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Sunday Ride

A pre football watching bike ride with Gord in Terwillegar on a warm Sunday. Sadly the Super Bowl is starting to feel like Christmas for me as my NFL fan-boyism is reaching new levels the older I get.

An auspicious glow greeted us at the parking lot. Not sure if it was the glow of the big football day or  a collection of that and the promises of an incredible morning running our big tires on incredible trails.

Terwillegar sure seems to be turning things around. I hated coming here a year ago. Today, I looked forward to the visit to the dog park.

We took to the hills to kick things off. Perfect snow conditions greeted us as Gord rode with a newfound vigor which made me dig deep to try and keep up. The only downplay to today was the rutted out steep sections which were naturally laced with enough ice to completely fuck up your day.

New trails were ridden (for me) as we passed through Mustang and kept riding. A wide open ravine greeted us with open arms and again like yesterday: I was smiling from head temple to head temple. Sketchy ass ice laced downhills were uncontrollably ridden without serious incident making me feel like a champ ready to take on the world.

I walked down the steep entrance to Mustang quickly taking away my 'take over the world' mantra to only be replaced with 'has epsom salt baths with candles whilst sipping wine.' A smart move though, those hills were beyond nasty and considering the bad bone breaking luck I have had in Terwillegar in the past. I was more than happy to walk down.

In the end. A hell of a bike ride on an awesome day.

gords cockpit, looking like that of an airbus a380

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