Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Return of the Stumpjumper

After almost three weeks of scouring the basement for parts and frustratingly rebuilding the old Winter bike I finally made a trip to the bike store yesterday and by last night the White Winter Warrior (once dubbed) was back in service.

Hallelujah! I have a bike that can be abused. The perfect Spring machine!

The last ride on the once prime number one bike in my quiver was sadly This One. A hung over ride back to some shitty bar in Nisku. A sad end to the Stumpjumper that served me well for countless years.

Which is why I was excited to bring it back to the valley.

So excited! I could hardly contain myself!

I parked at the parking lot at Henrietta Louise Edwards park and jumped out of the Jeep excited about all the memories I would have once I hopped on top and started pedalling.

I hopped on and immediately the first thought that came into my head was...

"How the fuck did I ride this thing for so long!?"

Everything felt so insanely weird. The ergonomics did not flow well at all.

I crossed the doomed walking bridge and climbed up the switchbacks to the Chinese Garden and had enough. I was going to end it. Until I thought of all the sweat and labour that went into rebuilding this bike.

So I pressed on.. Issues like seatpost height and gearing were there and me being the genius I am packed no tools for this inaugural journey.

I pressed on despite the issues.

I made it to the mouth of Mackinnon ravine where I turned and climbed up along Victoria Park Road. I teased the idea of a High Level crossing but snubbed it off when I saw the west side was closed.

As the ride went on I got a bit more used to to the bike. The narrow handlebars made me feel like a hipster and my front wheel would turn with each slight hand movement. This bike is sketchy.

As far as trails not a lot were ridden for obvious reasons. From what I did see is there is still a bit of snow and lots of mud.

welcome back to the quiver white winter warrior

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