Friday, May 20, 2016

Rain! Glorious Rain!

Finally my province which a good chunk of it is currently on fire got some much needed rain today. Albeit, from what I heard the big fire got no rain but cooler temperatures with moisture in the area can't be a bad thing can it?

The bright side of today was being sent home from work due to the rain. A huge plus when in this line of work, coming from working in an office I personally could not be happier. I mean really...? Who goes home from work cause of the rain? Me! That's who!

Leaving the gate I had one thing on my mind. Riding. On the way home learning my daughters were off school riding slid down the pole a little bit. It wouldn't be an epic journey of any sort but would be great regardless.

I mean Crikey! I should have been at work!

I arrived at Millcreek and started spinning the cranks in a very cold and wet valley making me think twice about leaving work early. I knew what this run would be; Multi use and paved as I am a good boy and don't ride the singletrack in the wet. A couple quick tests reaffirmed the notion to stay away from the singletrack.

The valley was quiet, wet and cool meaning epic awesome, but all I had on my mind was my kids. I was out and they were home.

Ugh... the guilt.

So a shortened version of the planned ride was going to happen.The ride featured a High Level crossing and a lot of car dodging. Why do I trust other people in their vehicles? The journey took me to High level, a crossing, a downtown rip and back into the safety of the valley.

A very uneventful but glorious ride. And off to the kids...

the ultimate vehicle to announce to the world "i'm a virgin!"
guess what?
the mighty mill creek sweats when it rains

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