Monday, June 27, 2016

Bike Love Relationship Reacquantance

Over the last few months the relationship between me and the Rocky have been well... A little bit shaky. I mean come on, let's face it. A six inch travel bike with a dropper post that weighs quite a bit more than it should given it is a carbon frame.

Riding in Edmonton repetitively has made the hate grow over time as the trails are awesome but never six inch travel/ dropper post worthy and it took a trip to the mountains yesterday to realize how awesome of a bike it really is. Unmentioned in last nights post was the sheer awesomeness of the bike and how it handled the gnarliest of sections. For the first time the dropper post was actually dropped cause it needed to be. The only awkward moments was when I couldn't remember where the switch was to bring it up as I never use it.

So on today's recovery ride in Fort Saskatchewan I took the Altitude and the love blossomed even more. A day I should have spent at home recovering was changed around riding a comfort bike in what one would deem some of Edmonton's areas gnarliest trails.

Personally I wouldn't name these trails ultra gnarly but they are fun as hell.

As for the ride. Nothing too special, slow and recovering was the pace. I tapped out about the eleven kilometre mark. I was quite done. The rest of the ride since then was put into the arms of the Altitude and it took me home.

Great ride today, no dropper post usage and no need for all that suspension.

Silly bike, I think I love you all over.

has anyone figured out a purpose of this yet? 

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