Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dad, Death, Bikes, Rainstorms, and Green Worms

This is the eighth Fathers day that has come since the passing of my Father. I think I made every Fathers Day ride since.

I've always hated these bullshit wannabe holidays. From Valentines to Flag day, they can all go away for good. Well actually. Flag day is pretty flipping sweet so we will keep that one.

Fathers day though has been one that I always kind of dread. It would seem that the bike ride would be something to help take the mind off but it turns out it is all I can think about. No matter what trail, what's happening. All I can see is the horrible images of my Dad in the last days.

Fuck cancer.

With those happy thoughts comes knowing it will be me next. Ahhh happy thoughts. I'm the last male in the family, my brother died when I was nineteen so after the death of my Father it's all on me. Kind of fucked when I really think about it. Everyone has (or seems to) have Dad's and Brothers.

The first few climbs today when the shortness of breath and high heart beat attacked was when the death thoughts hit hard. Thankfully I got warmed up after Gnome Trail and I was fine. I was good and the ride had to continue, fubar thoughts and all.

The goal today was to hit Farmers Daughter after she teased me and Gord last weekend, unfortunately getting there can be a real bitch which makes this a destination trail. Is it worth it? I'd say yes. Tight singletrack laced with berms and somewhat rooty technical ascents made this one trail worth the shitty trip up to find it. The trail ends at the pipeline bridge crossing where another trail beckons. I rode it and deemed it not worthy.

There seems to be quite a bit down there and the area is worth exploring. Just be careful, grumpy old people with canes love protecting their bike free multi use at the bottom.

I headed back towards home base and rode Six Shooter in reverse when a giant rainstorm hit making the roots greasier than a lawyer who got rear ended. Six Shooter in reverse going down? It's better going up. Maybe it was the rain though? Nope. This one should be ridden up.

Cold, wet, and getting tired I rode multi use trails and was covered in green worms by the time I returned to the Jeep.

six inches of travel for this bullshit? ya, it happened
that's better, much better
death reminders everywhere today, what a happy bike post this was! 

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