Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Trail Heroin Tales

After a rough day working outside the intent was to get out for a wee ride.

It happened and it was fantastic. Trail heroin yet again.

These post work rides are all very similar. I am sure I am hitting the sweet time to go as there is hardly anyone on the trails. The traffic did pick up on the return through the new singletrack as two sets of riders went the opposite way.

The last trio included a guy on a fatbike riding with two regular bikes. The fatbike rider looked just like a guy riding a fatbike trying to keep pace with two summer bikes. I felt his pain when he passed by. It reminded me of myself on one of the recent trips with any one of the members of the lonebiker brethren.

The ride all in all was awesome, Singletrack is heroin, I said it before and will keep that notion going till I'm done with this bike thing, so I will either be dead or addicted to real heroin.

The trails were all in awesome shape up in the hills. As usual on the bottom loop large puddles were everywhere. That and copious amounts of dogs made me a bit grumpy. Bruce Dickinson was right, "run to the hills, run for your life."

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