Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rained Out Yet Again

Waking up at four thirty this morning to loud ass thunder I knew right away today's ride would be another multi use and paved extravaganza. Well, I was expecting a paved, multi use ride anyways given the amount of rain.

If you do head out please avoid the singletrack. I saw evidence of people riding today and the trails were well rutted. Yes you may have sunk thousands into a nice trail bike and can't ride it where it needs to go. You will just wreck the drivetrain as well as the trail so it's best to stay off.

And no, you won't get laid for riding greasy trails trying to look all hardcore. I've tried in my early riding years.

The multi use isn't so bad. Neither is the paved, high kilometres come when riding these. Although I think twenty six today could have been bumped up higher but near the end I was done.

The ride: Meh, nothing special. Still a good one from Mill Creek to Capilano. The weather forced me back as the Jeep was naked and waiting  at the trailhead. It poured for a good ten minutes and then the sun came out along with the humidity.

the most pointless photo in lonebiker history, half eaten cliff bars pulled from my goliath camelback

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