Monday, July 18, 2016

Seven-Six on the CX

Gord Sent some pics and an update (as of Saturday) after the chap had a long ass ride on the cross bike. My two favorite's up top. The Henday bridge, an area we all know from the wet weather rides. Or maybe you simply like riding that multi use into the city. It isn't a bad extension out of the river valley I must say.

The second simply titled "shine my balls." Yep, pretty great.

The rest are a sign of the times in the Edmonton Queen area. Shut down after shut down. From funicular to doomed walking bridge I could only imagine that area is quite the mess.

The Jasper Ave Traverse also included. Ugh...

The valley is wet and  construction fucked. I don't feel so bad working non stop and not riding.

Oh wait... Yes I do.

this area will be down for a looooong time
have to admit, the funicular has my interest
lots and lots of memories in this area, look forward to the future
i plan on riding up here one of these days to see what's going on

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