Friday, August 5, 2016

Beer Friday. Borg Brugghús, LeiFur NR 32

Enjoy this one kids, it might be the last for a little while. It's high Summer and all I can think of doing is working because I am a chump. A true Beer Friday after a good solid four day week. A weekend with not a lot of riding in the forecast awaits so the beer review team is here and are ready to pounce on this beauty from Iceland.

From Reykjavik, the heart and soul of most likely the greatest country in the world. That's right, suck Iceland's sexy tits America. This is what an awesome country is all about. Enjoy your Trump and Hillary and your dumpster fire of an election.

Oh wait... Forgot you had the NFL. I love you Merica.

We got right to the pour as a short but long work week took it's toll.

The pour gave us two huge heads that would have swallowed Kim Kardashian's big flabby ass. Eventually the head quickly dissipated into a more reasonable three fingered head which soon left. No lacing but all was good. Tastes of apricot, stale toffee, and citrus round out a strong beer that doesn't feel like a punk.

Yet this one is a punk, at 6.8% it's so easy drinking it will steal your pocket change once you are inebriated and passed out.

A short review but hell of a brew.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

*edit. this is not a pokemon

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