Saturday, August 27, 2016

Seeking Selkirk

A Saturday off and it isn't raining? Say it isn't so? Well the clouds did look a bit grumpy as I looked outside whilst sipping my morning coffee cladded in a robe and my fuzzy Seahawks slippers. I was taking the Altitude and riding singletrack today and that was final.

Driving out to Old Timers there was a cool tinge in the air. Something felt just right about today. I arrived at the trailhead with the game face on, perched and ready to ride. Fuck me. I love Saturdays.

The plan today was to ride Selkirk. A new singletrack trail teasing us in a mini skirt since its inception this year. Only problem is, every time  we went to ride it the rain was being a bitch. Today I thought I had my opportunity and as I rode on time was slipping.  Family plans in the early afternoon had me racing the clock. I came on the southside riding Gnome and eventually focused on just getting to Selkirk once I noticed the time.

I rode Hawerlak and crossed into Laurier and eventually was at the Selkirk trailhead in the Fort Edmonton parking lot. The rain had started of course and I entered where I encountered switchback after switch back. It was ridiculous and I am a guy who has a weird love thing for switchbacks.

Switchback climb after switchback climb happened combined with the rain where front wheel slippage occurred a bit too frequently and I pulled the plug and went down to the paved below and rode back home. It was getting stupid.

For the first time on this trail it didn't have the flow that I like. Even for the ultra high conditioned rider which this trail calls for it would not flow too well and I'm all right with that. This is a trail that didn't exist before in an area left untouched. I don't know the first thing about building trails so I stand on no ground to bitch about it.

Selkirk won't be ridden on every passing through the area. That is a guarantee.

The ride ended uneventfully on paved and multi use as I scrambled back home in the light rain.

selkirk switchbacks with wet roots and steep inclines, man up bitch
its closed due to flooding but still rideable

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