Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Lonebikerless Weekend

a group of fans react outside lonebiker headquarters once news broke out
Sorry Kids, work has taken over again, lucky for you (not me) it should be the last Saturday and Sunday as the project is coming to an end.

Hers is a list of things you can do in the interim:

*Go pee off the High Level. (why am I so obsessed with this?)

*Go pee off the Low Level. (Well you already peed off the High Level...)

*Go to the Garneau area and play hipster bingo.

*Ride the LRT. Ride that bitch up and down the full line including the new Metro Line. Take your hipster bingo cards with you.

*The elevators in Canada Place are pretty kick ass. Just saying.

*Drink yourself into a worthless slumber.

* Drive by the mod yard for a chance to get a lonebiker autograph. Chances are I'll just look the other way if I see you coming trying to get my attention. Shortly after my body guards will get a hold of you and fuck your shit up.

*Go for a bike ride you nitwits!

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