Friday, September 16, 2016

Beer Friday Evil Twin, Justin Blaeber

On a very special edition of lay off Beer Friday we go to New York's Evil Twin brewery for some good old blueberry beer goodness. Whats that? You say... Laid off? Oh finally this blog will return to normal and a strong delighted crowd stood up and applauded this big news.

And what do I have to say? Thanks for being happy I have no job you selfish fucking assholes.

Ahhh.. Who am I kidding, we all knew this was going to happen. September was D day month. We are in a bad recession but I'll be fine. I only worry about how the next job will affect the holiest of holies which is riding.

Until then, enjoy the increased lonebiker activity.

Evil Twin as I said is from New York and is quite possibly home to some of the best craft beer labels in the world. From "Yin" to "Yang" and "I Love You Without My Stout" with tons of Jesus themed beers they have a beer catalog that could fill this cheesy ass blog for a whole year.

The pour was quite disappointing. Once a quick sniff test was done we could tell something was seriously off. A quick taste and yep. This one had gone bad.

No more pics, no more content. Guess this just adds to a crappy day. Will try this one day down the road. I was quite intrigued.

Sorry chumps.

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