Sunday, September 25, 2016

Seeking Selkirk, Round Two

I had visited this trail on one of the rare summer rides this year and was not very impressed. I did get rained out of course cause it was Summer Two-Sixteen and I have been intrigued by this one for months.

So I returned with the sole purpose of riding this one. Everything that came after was of no concern.

Sadly I decided to come to Whitemud Park to park on a day where everything in Edmonton was free.

The gates to Tightwad city had opened up and I was in the middle of skinflint alley. It was scary. Quickly I retreated and drove up the hill and parked on Saskatchewan drive perched above Hawerlak.

I rode through crowds of people all on their way to Fort Edmonton. I was grumpy. I got caught in clouds of vape making me wonder. Does one become a douchebag for being in a vape cloud?

Quickly I was in Selkirk leaving the throngs of people behind. The endless switchbacks slapped me and my poor legs, lungs, and soul. Midway through Selkirk I started smiling. I was loving this. Does this trail have any flow whatsoever? Hell no. For "flow" this trail is worse than the Science Park. This trail has flow like a midlife fat white guy dancing at a Manhattan night club.

This is one that won't be ridden on long rides as it will sap the energy quite quickly. This is not a trail for everyone. Department store bike riders need not apply. What I loved about it today is this was a mountain bike trail, Mountain bikes are not supposed to be easy to ride, that's why we have road bikes.

I only rode it going west, the thought of riding back into the vaping crowds sent shivers down my spine. I can only imagine it will be a badass motherfucker either way with endless steep switchbacks.

This won't be a Winter trail. Maybe after fresh snow. Once we get the thaw to freeze winter I could only imagine the fat bike ruts on the steep switchbacks will be treacherous.

Ironically the ride ended after crossing the river and ending up in Laurier. Home of the zoo. Home of the free admission day zoo... Doh!

*Edit, if you partook of free admission day need not be offended and send angry emails. Free is good, it's just the amount of people that was bad.

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