Monday, November 7, 2016

Canada Being Canada

 A Canadian enriched ride on a cool November morning with lubricated trails and a buzz by the best air force pilots in the world?

Punch me in boss. I'll do it!

The buzz by three of the snowbirds was a bit of a shocker. What was more shocking was they flew over in the exact spot of the valley I was on years ago when the Snowbirds unexpectedly flew over on a ride. What was odd was it was the exact spot I was in and two flybys.... Really? Just think of the probability of that happening.

Mathematically I would say probably 0.0000001%

Just a hunch.

The ride had incredible moments stolen right from a Canadian tourist television ad. Fog lifting off the ground and the trees created an ominous feel as I rode through on my Canadian bike that was built in China. I imagined a few Australian chaps watching the telly and seeing me roll through for Canadian tourism and saying to each other "Ya mate, this Canada seems pretty awright!" The trail porn was through the roof this morning.

Yes boys, it is pretty all-right.. It is pretty all right indeed!

The ride from Mill Creek old school to the Capilano bridge via Mid Ewok and Jasper Ave traverse (where the snowbirds were spotted) was simply perfect after a bit of an absence. If rides were ordered ahead of time this would have been the one. The only complaint? The slick trails made the climb on the trails only walkable... Well if you call slipping up a hill while awkwardly holding your bike walking.

Canada. I love you baby!

slip n slide conditions that didn't leave ruts
tried to coax mrs lonebiker to  come back and have a mud fight to no avail

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