Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ending a Good Weekend Right

Lets see... Three day weekend and three rides in. That's the way they all should be right?

Today was a bit impromptu but the thought of a busy work week ahead pushed me into riding today. The trails were still in good shape and the cold Canadian air was refreshing as it always is.

The legs were in terrible shape which made this a short one. In the end all good as the ride wasn't supposed to happen.

From old school Mill Creek I rode to West Coast trail and spun back through Old Timers and dropped back into the mighty Mill Creek via Blue Man Group. By the time I got back into Mill Creek the legs were beyond done. I wouldn't let them control my ride and forced myself up to the higher Mill Creek singletrack. A smart move. It was an amazing experience.

As far as people down there, there were very little given it being a Sunday. I counted three fatbikes all on pavement and in the singletrack there were a few people riding regular bikes.

An awkward encounter with a lady walking her dog as I had no bell. (See number 7) Instead of announcing to her "on your left" I decided to cough and snort instead. Evidently it was alot louder than I planned and she was startled and jumped. As I passed her while crossing a bridge over Mill Creek I looked at her and apologized and told her I had no bell. For an older lady she had very beautiful eyes and I held my stare a bit too long and my left handlebar crashed into the side of the bridge which startled me.

No crash ensued but the damage was done and I rode away quickly.

The ride ended with no more incidents.

this is what happens when you ride wet trails kids

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