Friday, June 2, 2017

Beer Friday. McAusian Brewing, St-Ambroise Pale Ale

Beer Friday done on Mothers Day after a rather shitty start to the riding for this set of days off. Relegated to only one bike as the Moots is out due to brake issues, the other option is the shit biker but unfortunately it is running like the moniker it was given, shit.  Thats not the bikes fault. It is hurting badly due to being ridden in non stop shitty conditions. Things wear out fast when one rides in sandy wet conditions.

We hope to have the Moots running by the end of the week. With lot's of money being put in sadly more important areas right now it does seem like an unlikely possibility. The thought of swapping brakes from the Stumpjumper to the Moots in the interim will likely happen and you will have read about it before this review was posted.

McAuslan brewery located in the beautiful city of Montreal started in nineteen eighty nine. peter Ellen McAuslan and Ellen Bounsall  started the brewery and it flourished within ten years. Now the brewery has a multitude of beer in their lineup waiting for one to sample in their outdoor terrace.

The St-Ambroise Pale Ale is the flagship of McAuslan brewery. So it will be met by our top beer review team with heavy criticism. I think I saws the beer in the corner of the room with a nervous shake going about it.

The pour was a struggle and it ended up with a three and a half fingered head that was a bit stubborn and would not go down. That being said the lacing left its sexy mark on the side of the glass as it was consumed. A fine beer trait that will never get old as long as I am enjoying these fine craft beers. With  bad allergies a good sniff could not be had and we went straight to the tasting. An explosion of flavour for a pale ale hit me and I was quite taken back.  Normally IPA's have a distinct hoppy IPA flavour and that's it. This one has that but is quickly met with a fruity switch that takes away from the bitterness. As this one was owned the bitterness did linger a bit but the overall enjoyment of this one was quite good.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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