Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Gets Some Respect (Finally)

After a rather pathetic time at home in regards to riding bikes the winning slot machine finally hit. Thats right. I sat eagerly watching some old lady spend hundreds of dollars on the same machine, when she finally had to get up to change her diaper or get some more cigarettes I swooped in like Caitlin Jenner would at a ladies consignment store in west Hollywood when they got a fresh supply of dresses from all the divorced women wanting to change their lives. That's right, I sat right down at that machine and on my first pull I won the jackpot.

Did I lose you guys? That's a little bit how it felt today. Humid but not hot conditions met with a timeline to hurry up and finish the ride as I had an appointment were all cause for a terrible ride.

The terrible ride did not happen. In fact this could be another contender for top five best of the year.

The trails were in the best shape I have seen in a long time. Although the roots and ladder bridges were slippery which did cause some serious ass puckering action as I rolled over them like a super hero on a hard tailed titanium bike. All that was missing was my cape.

From Mill Creek to Emily Murphy where I crossed and climbed up behind the museum and paid a visit to a long lost girl by the name of Victoria. Ahhh. Victoria. What is your secret? Please tell...

So in a way, July has redeemed itself a bit. A post about July is possibly coming out next time I'm up in God's country. With hot temperatures mixed with mugginess it really isn't the epic month I always thought it would be.

Today though. July won. It was perfect.

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