Tuesday, August 8, 2017

More Paved Cruising

A day I planned on taking off after a big ride with Gord yesterday yet waking up all I could think of was riding bikes.

So off I went. Mill Creek where I ventured onto the lower singletrack to see how the trails are and was met with pure shit. That close to the creek should have been no surprise but my tires filled up quickly and I was done. I quickly turned it into a paved and multi use ride knowing things up in the hills shouldn't be too bad.

I went to Mackinnon via River Valley Road and exited up into Glenora to visit Alexander Circle. Perhaps Edmonton's finest neighbourhood.  Made a wish at the fountain and rode city streets all the way through downtown and eventually found Rowland road and crossed the Dawson. A climb up to the top of Forest Heights and I pointed towards home.

I made it back. Again, like yesterday, uneventful. Great ride, but uneventful.

all the rain we had the last few years and things are starting to settle
trying not to be that guy
apparently lots want to be that guy, please kids, stay off the muddy trails

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