Monday, September 25, 2017

Beer Friday. Garrison Brewing, Wintervention

Home day. Happy day. Writing this I'm a bit down as I am very close to leaving home to head up for fourteen straight nights. When posting this, things will be quite great.

At 10.5% I am thinking this one will help me feel a bit better about my situation. Garrison Brewing located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What I'm assuming is an amazing place but will probably never visit as I can fly to New York for cheaper. At least I could of a few years ago. Not sure if things changed but flying in Canada is stupid expensive.

How did I get off the rails of this one so fast? Oh yes... my mind is elsewhere. Well, we should skip the bullshit and go straight to the pour.

"A big strong chocolate bomb" is whats written in bold font on Garrison's website above this beer. Deep down I am tingling with excitement at the thought of this one hitting the palate. Conditioned a full month on cocoa nibs we poured and it looked dark, mean and strong. Perfect for this somewhat cool September evening with nothing but the thought of work going through my mind.

The beer stood in the glass with a one fingered head that I swear was giving me the finger.

The aroma is of cocoa and caramel. The first sip was very typical of what a hardcore craft beer first sip should be. A big explosion of flavour. Chocolate and malt round out the main cannons of essence completed with what seemed like coffee left on the burner for a couple hours too long (yet, it is still great!) The heavy alcohol content? Fuhgeddaboudit. You don't even notice it cause of the flavour.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5.

Get it.. Go on. I'm watching.

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