Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tire Burps and Lame Excuses

A planned pre Seahawk bike ride from Mill Creek to the UofA where an attempt at clearing Masters Degree was to be had. Could it have been the mountain of doubt in my head of taking on the steep climbing switchbacks that spread to my bike?

Mill Creek singletrack was all prime. A trip through Skyline was had for the first time I believe this year. With many warnings of the area falling into the river I obeyed and stayed away. Until today. The verdict. It is in the best condition I have ever seen. After reading reports of the trail completely decimated I could not help but think social media should just go away forever.  That being said, if you read this and fall off the trail and end up dead or paralized please don't blame me. There is potential for the area to slide into the river too so enter at your own risk, and please use common sense.

Gnome trail was hit after where my rear tire burped and was filled. I lost more air and it burped again where I killed the last C0-2 cartridge. That was the end of the ride as I didn't want to walk the bike home. Paved trails took me back.

A potential meet-up with Kent and another good fella who were on recovery rides from a big day yesterday never really happened all thanks to my poor personality issues. We did meet on my way back after the tire burps where I was offered to ride with them as they had C0-2 cartridges and pumps. I declined (see first sentence of this paragraph.) My brain had the ride shut down as I was thinking of football and work. Although Billy? Is it Billy? Bill? Sheeeit! Will call him William. Willy?

Whatever... seemed like a good solid guy so who knows. maybe a ride meet-up on next set home.

An attempt will probably happen tomorrow if all the right cards come into play. It will be a short ride, gasp! Shorter than this? It is work travel day so...

waiting for a brethren member 

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