Sunday, October 8, 2017

Final Day's for the Rocky?

After a short attempt at riding I realized sitting at the intersection where trails converge in Old Timers that the days of riding the Altitude are numbered. The bike feels slow, sluggish and sadly incompetent. It took this set of days off where not too many rides happened to realize this sad truth.

A number of factors took what would have been a regular ride into a very short trip.

*Leaving for the north soon is plaguing my mind. With that a slight case of depression hits accompanied by grumpiness.

*Texts from my widowed Mom who was sitting alone in a golf course restaurant asking if I (her only remaining son) wanted to join her. Yes, on Thanksgiving Sunday. Let the heartstrings be pulled at that thought for a moment...

* The bike felt like shit. That combined with a dropper post that is loose yet again. Yep, Rock Shox Reverb strikes yet again.

So all in all. Final ride of days off. Phttttttttppp...

the south end of mill creek (velodrome area) will be closed for a year, heads up kids. i believe you can
ride below on the multi  use but you will be sharing it with unleashed dogs, i'll be staying away.
not much for trails in the area anyway, i ride through cause i'm sad and nostalgic.

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