Friday, December 8, 2017

Beer Friday. Goose Island. Honkers Ale

This is written on my first night home. A feat that hasn't been attempted in Beer Friday history while working in the north throughout the cold dark frigid nights. So if I seem to trail off and not make sense, please kindly ignore. I usually get home around nine thirty and fall asleep around eleven once the thrill of home is overtaken by fatigue. Me and Mrs Lonebiker go out for supper around five and I get home even more dead tired than I was before.

If you haven't worked out of town for over a week in your life you have no idea how that feeling of greatness that your own bed is. There really is nothing like it. The people with boring Monday to Friday jobs will never have that feeling. That is upsetting cause I think everyone deserves that feeling at least once in their life. To think to top it off I will wake up and have french pressed coffee in the morning..

Say no more.

Goose Island was founded in nineteen-eighty-eight in Chicago. Home of the Bears. A team that sadly has been struggling for quite some time now. If the Bears were significant the NFL would be all that much better. That's right kids. Oh man... Am I trailing off? I warned you this would happen.

Let's just pour this one...

Well... We fucked up the pour. Well Jacob did. Our latest intern/ beer pourer. He's fired now and will never step within100 meters of myself or any Lonebiker employee for the rest of his life due to a court order I just had made. From what we could see the colour was a dark golden beer that tempted at every look.

A malty taste with caramel and freshly baked bread crust are there. A good one with a wide range of tastes to fill the beer palate. Crushed walnut, toffee, and lemon pledge round out the taste.

Whoops... Did I say lemon pledge? I blame that one on the tiredness.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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