Friday, February 2, 2018

Beer Friday. Brewsters, Blue Monk Bourbon Barley Wine

Welcome to Beer Friday, the two-thousand and eighteen edition. Wait...? What's that? We did a few reviews in 2018 already? Well those were written in two- seventeen don't you know? As you can tell I have absolute zero to talk about in this intro. With a possible big change happening with work this is all that has plagued my mind. So when this is posted, I'm not sure where I will be now.

Brewsters has been around in the Edmonton area for a long time. I think their website says 1989. Now that's impressive. If you haven't been I recommend you go. It's a family restaurant with a pub that serves quite a few of their handcrafted beers. That combined with great food makes it a good place to target for a night out. I am pretty sure they are all over Alberta by now.

The pour was that of a strong murky looking liquid that had the look that it would slap it's own grandmother if she gave him attitude. A small amount of lacing didn't last only for a few spots that would not go away. A smell of strong alcohol and black cherries rose from the glass. At 11.5% we were well aware that this one may kick our ass. The interns had to coax me out of the corner. I was a mess. The first sip was what we expected. A strong slap to the face, the high alcohol content was more than evident. Let it be known. This is not a drink for the average chump. Although the alcohol is present it is masked by flavours of malty bread and dark toffee. Overall the flavour is quite nice.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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