Friday, May 25, 2018

Blowout at the 3.65 KM Mark

A return to normal life after twenty three days of life on the road. Eat, sleep, work was the norm and I was so well adjusted to things I had forgotten about trails and bikes. Probably a good thing as it would be a bit depressing to think of riding when away and working.

Getting back to the bike is a bit of a challenge. The first day at home after a long stretch is usually filled with strong feelings of wanting to do a whole lot of fuck all and nothing. I turned doing fuck all and nothing into a trip to Capilano where I rode up into the hills full of piss and vinegar. The lack of bikes had taken it's toll and every fibre of my body was wanting to ride singletrack and get high off the awesome.

Moon Raker? Or is it Lander? Fuck it. Who cares. It was awesome and I was on Goldigger feeding the singletrack heroin straight into my blood stream. Every hill was climbed and I was proud of how things were going. Really... Quite proud boys and girls.

All that high came crashing down quickly on Pipedream where my legs blew out quite hard. The climb up at the end to get to the three fun little downhills was quite the effort and I contemplated walking.

The ride ended limping back on paved trails. To think I almost went to Bragg Creek today... Phew. That would have been an epic disaster.

This is Getting Repetitive

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