Tuesday, June 26, 2018

MillCreek 2.0

A day before travel day hence a short ride. I told myself I would have more time to myself in the Summer but when that phone rang all I saw was dollar signs. The site work can be addictive. Something about working straight through two weeks on a mine where you develop a strong sense of pride. Sometimes that pride shines a little too hard and others really don't know how to take it.

Usually bike rides help pull my mind away from things but with having to be up at four am the next day to catch a flight it is hard to get the mind thinking clearly.  Hence I am lucky if I hit ten kilometres today. I'll have a look after when I copy and paste this to the Strava title.

MotherTrucker... This is one boring ass blog post.

Sorry kids. Like I said. Mind elsewhere..

On another note the refurbished bridges are quite stunning. Everything in Mill Creek is open now months aheads of schedule.

Stay tuned for three weeks of video posts with no beer reviews pre-written.

I know...

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