Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sore Leg Rolling

Finally a return to the bike after a rather piss poor set of days off last set in terms of riding. A hard week of nights at work on site at a mine this week took a toll on the sore leg made me want to ride more than ever to try and beat the pain out of the system.

From old school Mill Creek I set off mainly on paved trails wanting to take things easy. It's a good sign that you haven't ridden in a while when you feel awkward setting out on a ride. For the first six or so kilometers nothing felt right. People stared at me and I didn't like it one bit.

It was a very Edmonton start to the ride as a couple larger young women with a baby in a stroller were in an all out swearing yelling match with a guy down the trail. Something had happened beetween them and the yelling was non-stop. The expletives that were shouted were incredible and all I could think of was that poor kids future.

The world is a bit fucked isn't it kids?

Luckily I ride bikes so I enjoy my time on earth and did so today with a low level bridge crossing after leaving Mill Creek. I ended up crossing back on the Walterdale and rode the new trails from the bridge up to Old Timers. A great breakthrough as the trails are open below the Walterdale and there is no need to cross the QE  Park road or Walterdale anymore. Although you will miss out on some trails so maybe those road crossings will still be a thing.

Old Timers and Skyline was ridden which made me excited to take Mill Creek's high side trails home. Quite a bit of traffic on the Trap made me leary of the blind corners.

The ride ended incident free and the leg didn't feel better one bit.

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