Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Warning From the CEO of Lonebiker

With a Visa that was lost and subsequentely cancelled we may be offline again just like last year which happened for a day. The problem now. Im away for work and it is very hard to set this stuff up given the hours worked.

Panick mode has begun and I fired every executive and the entire financial team for this. It is now up to Mrs Lonebiker to help get this thing moving. So please don't be alarmed if you come here first thing when you wake up expecting more super hella amazing music videos or 12 kilometer bike rides.

It wont be a long shutdown if it happens, so need not be worried. The fate of this blog and all of biking humanity is now in my wife's hands...

Meanwhile. Enjoy this swell bike video.


Well damnit kids in the morning I wanted to ride quite badly but could not due to last minute days off ending bullshit and the ride was push...