Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Westbound and Down

A visit to the west end of Edmonton today where a Cameron Heights start was had amid all the white ladies driving S.U.V's or high end mini vans trying to one up each other giving me the stink eye as I had invaded their neighbourhood to start a bike ride.

Bottle Rocket was ridden and I gotta say 'damn... That has turned into one hell of a trail.' If you start at the top by the fence it will not let you down. Singletrack snakes its way through the grass and trees and before you know it you are ripping downhill with the odd beer can greeting you on the end of a branch as you whizz by.

Car parts and an old car greet you along the trail. It does sound a bit trashy but it seems to work with the ambience of the trail. Ladder bridges and built up berms add to the fun. This is exactly what this area needed as the other option is a long paved boring stretch that seems to never end. Which I rode up to finish the ride.

The Staff College climb was ridden and Go Trail. Soon I was in Oliskew and my legs were feeling the affects of two straight days of riding after nothing much in the past few weeks.

The ride home was a bit of a struggle. Sore legs and screaming lungs had wanted nothing to do with bikes and screamed for the couch and an iPad. "Fuck no!" I yelled staying resilient in light of a very difficult situation.

Then came the Go Trail return...

There I was sitting in front of Go Trail's westbound entrance scared if I ride it I may black out from exhaustion and slip into a coma and wake up five years from now to find my wife remarried and my daughters growing quite fondly of the new Dad and forgotten all about me.

A very real fear that almost pushed me onto the multi use.

At once I realized what I was about to do and miss all that heroin inspiring singletrack and I rode Go Trail like a man. Not a little bitch with his tail tucked between his legs. No sir, I will ride like a little bitch tomorrow.

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