Monday, July 1, 2019

Beer Canada Day. Hells Basement, Heritage Select Boxcar Comforts

Happy Canada Day chumps. From Beaumont we are bringing you Beer Friday on a somewhat dreary Canada day. I could only imagine if I could ride now it would be strictly paved and multi use paths. seeing some of the monsters on Faceboob's Edmonton mountain bike page gloat how they are riding now on singletrack sends anger shivers down my fucked up sciatica infused spine.

Oh that you ask....? Much better than a week ago. I hope to get back to work next Tuesday. Sadly no riding till that set is over and that all pends on how things are going.

Funny how walking up the stairs normally can create such joy.

Hells Basement was formed in Medicine Hat Alberta. Home of the Medicine Hat Stampede which fervently celebrates all things that is awesome to Alberta. Being close to the Montana border the citizens also enjoy something us mid country folk don't get to do. Lot's and lot's of border crossings.

We poured this Blonde Ale into our trusty tester mug and a beautiful golden beer with a one and a half fingered head stood proudly on top. This one has all the amazing qualities of what a refreshing Summer beer should look like perched in it's glass. I just wanted to grab it and hold it high. The theme of the beer is to support the Olli family and it's seeds to get the malt that makes this one. The cover of the can is very Canadian and if you don't get the significance of the art work and our history please move in with Donald Trump Jr.

It smelled of bread and doughy malts. The first sip was what it promised, it was refreshing and I would have really enjoyed this on a hot day after a bike ride as opposed to how this is really going down. A fruity feel is in this one although I can't quite put my finger on the exact flavour. Some sort of berry I can only assume... Something dark but not too dark. This one rounds itself out as the perfect summer beer. Find some and go watch some fireworks would ya!

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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